About Us

The Assemblies of Christ assembly in Westdene was established in 1979. Pastor Leon De Kooker (Snr.), our Senior Pastor and his wife Sister Theda have been involved in ministry since 1966.

Ministries currently involved at our assembly are as follows:

  1. Fellowship
  2. Pastoral Services
  3. Childrens Ministry (Sunday School)
  4. Youth Services (Junior and Senior)
  5. Music Ministry
  6. Marriage Services (including councelling)
  7. Bible Studies
  8. Prayer and Intersession Services
  9. Various Home Cell Ministries

We are also involved it reaching out to people in Hospitals and Homes for the Aged as well as support for the less-priveleged. If you are willing and able to provide help or support for these outreach programs it would be highly appreciated, please contact us?

Jesus is Lord